Recent Anglesey Trip

Trip report by..Mike Mckenna

Well where do you start !……..We all met up on the St Georges pier on the Menai Straights. The sea was calm, and the sun gods were shining down on us. There was a buzz of excitement in the air as we boarded Scott Waterman’s boat the Quest diving charter to begin our exploration of the Welsh coast !

The first dive of the day was a shipwreck called The Pen-hros, a cargo ship which sunk after hitting a mine with the sad loss of four lives. After our fearless leader Russ and his buddy Glen had secured the shot line we were ready to dive our mission! As we descended down the shot line the visibility was approx 3mtr. On descending to the wreck which lies approx.20-22mtrs below the surface we were greeted by the fan-tastic sight of different coloured soft corals, which had taken up residence on this now ar-tificial reef. As we explored further with our torches other underwater life had taken up residence. There was Conger eels, large lobsters, crabs and not to mention many different species of fish life, what a great first dive of the day ! Well it was time to end our dive so on boarding Scotts boat to start our surface interval (and have a well deserved brew) we all shared our stories of what we had seen on the dive.

So then it was full steam ahead towards our second dive of the day which was the seals ofLGS Angelsey trip

Puffin Island. On our approach towards Puffin Island ( expertly timed by Scott) to ensure the seals were back to shore after being out on a feeding trip earlier that morning ,the boat was buzzing with excitement on spotting the seals, swimming and playing, almost as if they were happy to see us as well.  After an excellent brief by Scott of how to gain the seals confidence to allow us divers to get close we were off on another very interesting dive.  As we snorkelled towards the shore seals would pop their heads out of the water as if to take a peep at these strange creatures coming to-wards their shore. So we rested on the surface ,closer and closer they came until eventually their curiosity took over and they would have a cheeky nibble on the divers fins. This was the sign to descend to approx 2-3mtrs ,upon descending we waited on the sea bed the visi-bility was about 2mtrs, we didn’t have to wait long before the seals came to play. First in the distance you would see the seals face with its big eyes coming towards you, then as it got closer it would take a cheeky but gentle nibble on your fins or B.C.D. in return a sly tickle under the seals chin and that was it friends for life, what a truly fantastic dive !

On that note it was a fantastic day had by all, a special thanks to Steve Bradshaw for organising a great trip and also a big thanks to Scott Waterman for his expertise and educated info on The Penhros wreck and how to get close to some magnificent seals, from all the Lets Go Scuba gang !

Dan Smith – you took some fantastic pictures but this is our favourite so thank you …