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World Class dive sites include St Abbs and Eyemouth Marine Reserve, the Farne Islands and the Bass Rock, as well as famous wrecks such as HMS Pathfinder, U-12 and SS Exmouth, so you can enjoy fantastic diving at every level.For more details please contact us on 01204 864951

From easy dives to more advanced diving – whatever your ability you’ll find something that suits you.

If you have ideas or requests for specific trips/sites then please let us know and we will try and accommodate.



 22nd Feb 2014  – Trip to The Diver Training College in York, For a Hard Hat and Decompresion Chamber experience



Trips we are planning

Eyemouth & St Abbs

St Abbs and Eyemouth are very popular South Scotland east coast dive sites that benefit from protection within the St Abbs and Eyemouth Voluntary Marine Reserve. For more details please contact us on 01204 864951


Oban is probably the most popular of all Scottish dive locations. With a very diverse set of dive sites, it attracts divers from all over Britain.  below you can find a description of the Breda which is what we will be diving on this trip

The Breda

A German plane tried to bomb the Breda in 1942 but missed.  It was towed to Ardmuckunish Bay where it sank into deeper water. It now sits upright on the sea bed, covered in dead man’s fingers, starfish and crayfish. The propeller has been removed and many of the holds are silted up, but its cargo of aircraft engines and sandals can still be seen.  want to join us?  get in touch !

At 30 metres the seabed at the stern is the deepest part of the wreck, so a quick diversion to the rudder is best made now at the start of the dive. The propeller was excavated from the silt and salvaged in 1968

We have included some of the underwater cliff sites which can be found within a reasonable distance from Oban.- let us know if you are interested in any of these for future trips to Oban.

Bogha Nuadh is an underwater shoal which rises from 40m to 5m and lies North West of Cullipool on the Island of Luing

Easdale cliffs are a very popular dive site which can be dived either by boat or from the shore at Easdale. The cliffs descend from the surface to 25m at their deepest point.

Along the west side of Insh Island runs a deep, sheer sided channel. At the WSW comer of Insh this channel comes to within 50m of the shore. A dive at this place leads you down to 30m on a steep rocky slope. At 30m the bottom disappears.

On the eastern shore of the Sound of Kerrera, just south of Gallanach, lies another cliff at Ard na Cuile.  The bottom of the cliff is at 40m and the cliff consists of a rock slope to 20m and then an overhang as you drop to depths of 35m. The cliff is well covered with marine life.

Bach Island is a very popular dive and is deservedly so. A cliff from 10m to 40m provides a rich haven for marine life. Tidal streams are sometimes experienced at this site although they are not usually too strong. The cliff lies to the north west of the island.

Another popular cliff dive, located on the eastern side of Heather Island. The cliff here is quite vertical from the surface to 30m and a cave, known as the chimney, is found along it. Care should be taken if entering the chimney as at least one life has been lost here. The cliff often has plenty of marine life although it suffers from large amounts of silt.

Many divers drift dive the Falls of Lora and on the flood tide experience a down current on the inshore side of the bridge. There is a small cliff running from 17m to 30m which is arranged in a large horseshoe shape across the Falls.

Anglesey – Diving Puffin Island

The strong currents around the island provide for an abundance of marine life, particularly on the north coast where the depths reach 15 metres.  There is one identified shipwreck, a steamship The Pioneer, which ran ashore in 1878 with a cargo of iron bars when the tow lines to it broke following its rescue from engine failure.

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