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If you have always wanted to try scuba diving, we have several options for you:

  1.  Discover Scuba Diving  – Our Discover Scuba Diving progam allows you to test drive diving in a few hours.
  2. Become a certified Diver  – Jump right into our PADI Open Water  full certification course and complete all your requirements right here in the UK with Letsgoscuba
  3. Learn to Scuba Dive on your holidays – Start your scuba diving course here at home and complete your open water certification dives at any PADI centre worldwide.

Whether you want to be able to dive whilst on holiday, or you want to explore our local quarries, your training with Letsgoscuba  will ensure you will be a safe and confident scuba diver wherever you go.  And of course, you`ll have fun while learning!

Our all-inclusive entry level certification courses include everything you will need to become a scuba diver, including equipment rentals, course materials, air fills, theory and practical sessions with our qualifiedl staff, and certification cards, all for one low price.

Our Learn to Dive program is a total package that will teach you all of the necessary theory and practical skills you need to become a scuba diver. And because our PADI Open Water Scuba Diver course includes both pool AND open water certification dives, by the end of it you will be free to dive anywhere in the world with your globally recognised Open Water Diver from PADI.

All of our confined water training is completed in local pools around Bolton, Chorley Wigan and Manchester. We also offer Discover Scuba Diving sessions  in several local pools throughout the summer . If your organization or school has a pool, we can also bring our courses to you.

Our open water training takes place in Eccy Delph Quarry, Capenwray, and also in Anglesey – these sites have been carefully chosen to provide you with an interesting and comfortable training environment.

Our training location and Dive Program also allows us to offer all those students who complete their certification with us the ability to train at weekends or at a time to suit individual needs (we understand a lot of our students work shifts and we are happy to accommodate individual requirments on request)

Plus, we truly believe that scuba diving is a social sport, so during your certification  we encourage you to join our scuba diving community with the option to become a club member where we swap scuba stories and get to know each other better.

Or you can choose to complete your theory and confined water training with us at Letsgoscuba, and complete your open water certification dives whilst on your holiday

So why not head out into the waters and discover what lies beneath the surface with Letsgoscuba


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