Lee Aspin

Fantastic day spent with the scouts in the pool while doing their DSDs.A brilliant time was had by all,a well put together program which all the boys loved and were asking “when can we go again” which is down to the staff at LGS for making it a fun day.We must have been in the pool for 2 1/2 hours learning and diving then finished off with a game of water polo,which the scouts enjoyed just as much as the diving.Many thanks again Matt Hilton,Steve Bradshaw,Russell Heath,Jason Spencer (who did a great job helping Will overcome his problem with one of his skills) and Mac on surface cover.That’s the way a DSD should be run for children,learning with fun.Many thanks again guys,look forward to the next DSDs.Photos will follow in the next few days.


Alison Bell

Russell..     Just a quick not to say thank you for making Dylan so welcome yesterday. He is still bouncing from the experience. He went to bed with a big smile on his face, remembering his ‘awesome’ day and woke us up this morning saying how he wished he could go diving everyday. He is now happily watching the PADI DVD that came in his pack.

He will definitely be attending on Star Wars Day, would you please put his name down…..

Dean Chester

I want to say to you all. Thank you! You all was great tutor ever I had and I was glad for I’m becoming PADI Open Water Diver. Thank you again! I want carry on for next course….

David Rimmer
Massive thanks too Jay for helping me pass my open water!!! N Dean for buddying up with me!!

Alf Atkinson – Club Member
…Just had a great w/end up at Eyemouth with Ian, Steve, lan and Tony thanks even though I was the only one in a wet suit and yes never again ill just keep that for the Delph…..

Debbie Holgate
Think my hubby is proud of me today I actually went diving from the shore and he said my profile was fab and I did well got deeper than 3meters 🙂 might actually make a diver xx and my little man did his navigation dive in the bay working towards his junior advanced open water…

Steve Heffernan
Can I just say a big thank you to you and all your staff for ensuring Mia and all her friends had a wonderful time at her birthday party last Saturday, I thought your staff were excellent, you all showed great patience and made sure all of the children had the best time, particular thanks should go to Ruth for spending all her time teaching one of them to swim!! Thanks again, Steve…..

Ruth Mort
It was and total fun! Imogen and Brandon what stars!! Everyone else was great too!! LGS is a phenomenal diving club!!! Run by a great team!! I love Saturday’s 🙂 XX

Michael McKenna
What a great day today we all had at Eccy Delph on the jnr open water course thanks to lets go scuba and what a great gang of junior open water divers !

David Burdaky
Just wanted to thank Nev And Steve for the pool session yesterday, who’d have thought that being upside down in a dry suit could be so much fun, thanks guy’s…